Thursday, February 7, 2013

CRAGGY WASH - Near Lake Havasu City

Short trip today but what a change.  80 miles north of Quartzsite to boondocking just north of Lake Havasu City and the terrain, vegetation and climate change.

The view out the door
We are in a valley between the hills, craggy hills.  Very few cacti, different rocks and it's hot!

We feel like the scouts for our band of vagabonds but this may become our new favourite place for boondocking.  It is not difficult to find and the road in is not too rough.  There are lots of rigs here, spread up a road about 5 miles in.

That's us down there
 We walked to the top of the hill out the front door and may attempt the one on the other side another day.  The city of Lake Havasu is over the big hill of course.

   This place reminds us of Valley of Fire, but it's free!


Wanderin' said...

We really like Lake Havasu and looked for that last year but guess our directions weren't too good. Glad you found it so now if we decide to go you can give us better directions.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We love that area. So peaceful. Enjoy your little piece of paradise.

Peter + Beatrix said...

We know that fine place. Liked to hike up the road between the mountains. Gorgeous!

Sue and Doug said...

nice new place to park for a while!! enjoy!

carol dwyer said...

aww this makes me cry.
all great photos, doug