Thursday, January 3, 2013


With mixed feeling we left Casa Grande on Wednesday morning.  Several of our friends were moving as well.
Casa Grande sunset - Tabletop Mountain in the center

Jeri takes Duchess on one last walk.  Doug says goodbye to Ed. Bill and Shelly in the motorhome have returned and are moving to a new site
 Our feelings are mixed because we really love it at Rovers' Roost in Casa Grande.  We know a lot of folks there and are kept busy with activities.  For the same reasons, we were ready to go.  Some alone time is needed.  Some relaxation is needed.

The weather has been very untypical for Southern Arizona.  The nights are  COLD .  We have a new heater.  Mr. Heater warms the rig up in no time at all.

So we have returned to Pilot Knob, just east of Yuma.

That's us in the middle.  Out in the desert, mostly alone
  We enjoy the independence of boondocking.  We are responsible only to ourselves.  We have no committments.  There are of course challenges with boondocking; water, power, laundry etc but we are so good at it now.

This afternoon we had visitors.

Kay and Dan - full-timer friends from Nebraska
 We talked the afternoon away catching up.


Sue and Doug said...

glad you landed safely!..enjoy the peace and solitude of the boondocking experience!

Jim and Sandie said...

I know what you mean about alone time. Nice thing about this park is when I go in and close the door, it gets to stay closed as long as I want it to be. See you shortly.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I totally forgot that you two went out there. I thought you stayed at Casa all winter.

Enjoy the solitude.

Wanderin' said...

Hey! I know those people you let in your 5th wheel!! :-)

You are right. We all need alone time. We also all need people time. It's good that we can have both. I like the full hookups and I like the no hookups too.

Right now I can easily look in our neighbor's windows. Boondocking we don't have to. That's a good thing.

Linda Sand said...

Pilot Knob is EAST of Yuma? Then what's off Sidewinder Road? I'm lost. Again.