Sunday, October 14, 2012


I married a carpenter.

Of course Doug is much more than a carpenter. but his carpentry skills have been very useful.

From building storage boxes on the back of his pickup to building a dog house for Parker in the basement.  Things that make things easier.

Over the past three years, Doug has made many changes inside the rig as well.  Most of them start as an idea, usually mine Winking smile, and he can make them happen.

First it was the little wall between our kitchen and our living room.

Dec 9 to 12 morn 039

I wanted this wall because I thought it would make the space look bigger, and it does.  One friend suggested that I wanted it to hide the dirty dishes from anyone coming to the door.  I never have dirty dishes.

We are always trying to come up with ideas to make our storage space more efficient and keep our dishes safe.  Quite a while ago, shelves were added to open cupboards and then again last month.  More shelves, prettier this time.

Oct 135544

The cupboard we keep our drinking glasses in had always been a problem for me because it was just a little to high for me to see the shorter ones.  I had to feel around for them or get the stool.  Doug’s idea this time.

Oct 135509

As you can see it the first picture, the one with the new little wall, originally there were mini blinds in the kitchen window.  Because the blinds were near the stove, they had to be metal blinds and when the wind blew the blinds clattered.  I didn’t like that.  They came down last year and I replaced them with a rod and a cafĂ© curtain that reached half way down the window.  There have been times when this was a problem.   Exposed!

The window is wide but short so buying a blind was an expensive, wasteful proposition.  Buy one wide enough for about $50.00 and cut about 2/3’s of it off.  Not for us. One day at the building supply we spotted a broken bamboo blind for $10.00.  I thought it couldn’t be done.  But he did it and WOW !  I am so pleased.

Oct 135512 

   Thanks for all you do Doug


Jim and Sandie said...

You and Doug are like Jim and I. I say it won't work and Jim proves me wrong. Or I say this would be a good thing to have and he figures out how to do it. Isn't it great to have these talented guys in our lives.

Sue Bidniak said...

nice blind..but the metal one is so it won't catch on fire?
are you not worried about that? or will you just put the blind up when you are cooking?

Linda Sand said...

My handyman is a computer one. I love being able to say make it do this and he does. Now I know where to come when I need carpentry work done. Steve's specialty is Hydro-hot but I don't have one of those. :)

Peter + Beatrix said...

Good to have the wifes who can tell us carpenters what to do. :-)

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Great ideas. I love the bamboo idea. What a great way to use the wall. I too have some problems seeing in the cabinets because of my height challenge.

Wanderin' said...

I like the little add-ons. In addition to looking nice the little shelves are useful. Good job, Doug.