Thursday, September 13, 2012


September 2012_3609

This afternoon Doug, Parker and I played tourist.  It’s been awhile!  


September 2012_3622September 2012_3624


Someone has way too much time on there hands – the posts on the pier all have crocheted covers.

House boating is a huge tourist attraction on Shuswap Lake.  There were just a few left at the dock on this bright sunny day.

Salmon Arm is on the South end of Shuswap Lake in the area of British Columbia referred to as The Okanagan.  Salmon Arm has a population of approximately 14,000. 

September 2012_3614

Doug’s brother Bill has several businesses in Salmon Arm including the Piccadilly Mall where we park every summer.  Bill encourages RV’ers to overnight (and longer) here.  There is a dump station and shopping.  There are usually seven to ten rigs here each night.  Very long rigs find it very convenient as there is unlimited space.September 2012_3476

As you can see we have a very special spot, in the corner, complete with lawn and garden.

I have no place in my blog to post this picture but I just had to share it.  This picture was taken last month at Monck Park during check out time.  The Dad explained that they were potty training and when the little boy had to go he had to go.  The book??? well he must be mimicking someone!!!!


September 2012_3413


Sue and Doug said...

when you gotta go you gotta go..
heading to Monck this morning..meeting our Alberta friends!
nice tour of Salmon Arm!!..enjoy!

Wanderin' said...

Love the little boy on the potty. Also, love your spot with flowers and all. It's a beautiful place and especially when the sun is shining.

Jim and Sandie said...

So glad you guys finally got to play tourist for a change. And Parker is looking so good.

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

How nice of Doug's brother to welcome RVers. He must be a very nice man!

Love the little one. Although he has to go, he doesn't look to happy about it. But I am not sure I would be happy if I had to go and someone was taking my photo...hehe