Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The things we do for love.  The love of friends is so important to us.  So when our friend Sreedevi invited us to her son Rajiv's wedding we were honoured.  It meant that we would work until 1:00 o'clock and then hightail it 185 k (115 miles) to Surrey and back (another 185k or 115 miles).

The proud parent Aneel and Sreedevi watching the bride and groom enter.

Rupinder and Rajiv (Rupinder plays women's soccer and broke her foot 2 weeks before the wedding)
BUT WOW- it was so worth it.  I have been to two other Indian weddings, Doug had been to none.  I wanted him to experience this.   

The music!  the food! the dancing! the saris!

Sreedevi and Rajiv both worked for RBC so there were many of my former colleagues there too.  Good to catch up with them.

Jose and Johanna

Ashley and Tim

We arranged for our granddaughter, Nico, who is 15 to be dropped off at the wedding.  We have brought her back with us to the Park.  It was great that she too could experience this very special wedding.

We got home at 1:30 am!


where's weaver said...

WOW...what a wonderful experience. They all look so lovely. I really enjoyed the video...thanks.
Great photos.

Linda Sand said...

The closest I've been to an Indian wedding is watching movies of them. Thanks for another great one.

I love seeing saris and actually thought about buying some for myself since they must be great hot weather clothing. Haven't done it yet, though. They tend to be flashier clothing than I am comfortable wearing.

Nan said...

The colors are astounding! Thanks for sharing your experience.

Wanderin' said...

In the scheme of things a 230 mile trip was nothing compared to what you have done. I'm glad you had a great time.

Sue and Doug said...

nice to experience a different culture's wedding!..I can just imagine the food, dancing and all the saris..what fun!!