Sunday, July 1, 2012


Happy Canada Day my Canadian followers and early Happy Fourth of July my American friends.


Today was my first official Park Host event.  I organized a bike parade.  We hoped to get 20 kids.  We got 41 participants!  Kids, a couple of parents and a dog.

We had an RCMP member camping in the park and she arranged for a cop car to escort the parade.  She played O'Canada on the loudspeaker.  Kids thought that was so COOL.

We provided the decorations and they had an hour to decorate their bikes and themselves.

The parade route wound through the campground and the campers voted for their favourites.
We had prizes for the winners.  Three charming little girls came 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Our 1st place winner was also celebrating her 10th birthday.

After the event, I served the appropriately decorated cupcakes.

It's really nice to have our friends Doug and Sue (Big Dawg and Freeway) in the site next to us.  They were a great help to me today.  Thanks guys!

By the end of the event, I was plum tuckered out, had a shower and a nap and now I am working until 9:00 pm.

So summer has started.  It took awhile but good weather is here to stay.  Now we can't complain that by Friday it is going to be 30* C (90*F).


where's weaver said...

What a wonderful idea for the kids. I am sure they all had a great time!

The cupcakes look very inviting.

Enjoy the beginning of summer and your busy season!

Wanderin' said...

That place must have been packed with people!! All the kids must take their bikes camping with them??

Hope you enjoy your summer, the good weather and all the fun activities.

Sue and Doug said...

a great day it was! I had better get my recap post done!!