Friday, July 27, 2012


Saturday July 19th was Canada Parks Day.  When we went to Vancouver for a couple of days, plans were still "up in the air".  I was making arrangements with the forestry department to do a demonstration in our picnic area.  As we were pulling out that morning, I got a message to drop in the finalize the plan.  It did happen and what a great day.

BC Forestry thank you very much.  They came, they brought a helicopter, they brought firemen (and women) and Smokey the Bear.

This little guy looks so much like Graeme did at this age
The helicopter is used for water bombing forest fires.  It did a couple of high speed passes and then allowed the campers into the helicopter.  The final demonstration was the helicopter loading it's bucket from the lake and dropping it near the crowd.


Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

WOW...they are going to want you two to volunteer there every year. Great idea!

Wanderin' said...

I agree with Marsha. You now have a job for life if you're going to organize events like this.

Sue and Doug said...

yet another great event!!..wish we could have seen this one too!!

Linda Sand said...

Good Job!

Just in case you need another idea: Our local fire department will come out and do demos for events. If you've seen Mac the Fire Guy's demo you have an idea of what they offer. It's really good for people to get a chance to actually use a fire extinguisher.