Thursday, April 12, 2012

QUICK UP DATE - Valley of Fire

First I have to mention how awesome the Wi Fi is at McDonalds'.   It is lightning fast.

On Wednesday we drove over to Valley of Fire State Park.  We are on a very tight budget so we just hung out and took some pictures at the gate.

Parker finds some shade

Somehow the sky is just bluer with the red rocks

Today we moved into Robbin's Nest RV park in Overton.  Very nice park but quite tight for big rigs.  $20.00 a night.  We are going to do laundry, vacuam, and do a little housecleaning before heading north tomorrow.  

Looks like a storm will be chasing us.  We may see some of the white stuff.

I may not have much internet on the way up but don't worry, we will be fine.



hobbea said...

We also like the red rocks and we often hear the question: is this the real color?

We pray for your safe journey.

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Great picture of Doug. We can't wait to see that part of Death Valley.
Stay safe!

Wanderin' said...

Ugh! Hate snow when it happens to fall where we are. We loved Valley of Fire. It was gorgeous.

Sue and Doug said...

mcdonalds is always a good place to stop for a wifi fix! travels to you as you continue north!!...onwards! will be back in BC in no time!