Thursday, February 2, 2012

YUMA - Fun with Friends

Our first night in Yuma we gathered at the fire.  We are only two rigs in the desert but friends staying in other parts of Yuma came for the campfire.

On Wednesday morning we went to the RV wrecking yard with high hopes of finding cabinets, fenders, and tires.  No such luck.  There weren't as many wrecks there are there used to be but it was interesting looking at the damage to many old relics.

Doug, Jeri, Freddy, Delcie and Terry
Hmm, the end of the dream?

Wednesday evening we met up with Kay and Dan,  Joe and his friend Linda, Steve and Carol, Jeri and Terry and Freddy and Delcie at our favourite Yuma restaurant, Da Boyz, in the Old Town of Yuma.  Kay and Dan had brought coupons for everyone so the food was very inexpensive.  Of course, we all ordered way too much but we all had doggy bags for another time.  The food and service at Da Boyz is always great.

Fun was had by all.  Particularly Freddy!

Freddy and his very dear friend Marilyn

We all had fun.  Some more memories for the scrapbook.

Buck the drag deer


A great shot of Carol and Steve

Marilyn, lots and lots of Marilyn

A great shot by Carol
 Today is our last day in Yuma and probably the last day for seeing this great group of friends.  We are going to make the best of it.


Wanderin' said...

It has been fun! One more event at your campfire tonight and we'll look forward to seeing you next year.

Linda Sand said...

Thanks for helping me attend virtually.

mskayndan said...

It's been a fun few days....although you're leaving Yuma...we will see you again before the end of the month! Glad we get to add to more great memories!