Friday, January 20, 2012

QUARTZSITE 2012–Classes of 2008 to 2011


We have been here in the Long Term Visitors Area of South Posa Road in Quartzsite for 15 days.  Friends and classmates arrive, friends and classmates leave and some return.  We have even made new friends.  Some Escapees – Jeff and his wife Tina from Colorado who I invited because they had posted on the Escapee forum that they were coming to Quartzsite for the first time and didn’t have anyone to meet up with.  They really fit in our tight knit little family.  We have a lot experience to share with them. 

We were also jointed by Kimberly and her husband Jerry who have a blog that Jeri follows.  We have also welcomed friends of Escapee friends Marsha and Paul Weaver (who couldn’t be here this year), Connie and Kenny from Canton, Ohio. These two couples aren’t Escapees but not for lack of trying.


a Quartzsite Jan 19 (640x495)

Left to right – Front row – Paul and Sue Porter; Nancy Elkins and Dave Katsuki; Carol and Steve Dwyer; and Connie and Kenny. Middle row:  Paul; Terry and Jeri Williams; Jerry and Kimberly; Tim and Jeff Cox; Lee (IYQ) Horner; Freddy and Delcie Prather; Toni and Doug Laird; Joe Spiker.  Top and center – Ed and Lyn Gillespie.


We are having a wonderful time.  Campfires at night -January_1183January_1196



Dinners out -


Hanging out – sometimes just wherever -


Sometimes we run errands in the burgeoning small town of Quartzsite (three traffic lights!!).




In the picture on the right – that’s Quartzsite celebrity, Paul Wining, owner of the Oasis Book Store on his way to work. We call him “Three Socks” because that’s what he wears at work, three socks, two on his feet and the other….well you see Paul is a nudist.


But mostly we are here having fun in the sun!



Oh, did I forget to mention.  I have a job (probably Doug too) working at the big tent downtown.  Working for Johnny’s Famous Foods – seasonings and sauces – handing out free samples.  Nine days straight, 8 hours a day – but boy, will that help with our finances.  Going to have to slather on the sunscreen.  It’s scorching hot now.


Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Oooops, we made an error when we wrote that down for you, it is not Johnny's, but Gianni's, we noticed it when we came in this direction.

Have fun, we are sure we will see you there, we are almost next to one another.

We miss the campfires already, not really the fire, but the company around it.

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I know you all will have a wonderful time. What the heck is Jeri holding up? It looks like an award?
Enjoy your new job!

Wanderin' said...

It's been fun. We've had a fantastic time! I think the best ever.

Linda Sand said...

Johnny's--Gianni's: pronounced the same; means the same, right?

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

It is pronounced the same, but not sure if there are actually two of them or one and which name do they conduct business. Just one of those things that I want to have my blog correct when we write about our adventures here! So we will try to stop in and confirm the names.