Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Lee at the fire

Jeri and Terry at the fire
We are just four rigs out here in the desert but we are having a lot of fun.  Last night we had a potluck pizza party.  We provided the pizza (y'all know we used to be in the business?) and we have a bunch of yummy, healthly salads.

Jeri getting her share
 We had a campfire afterwards.  Mike and Debbie had their friends, Tom and Cougar, for a visit.  We sat around the fire and entertained them and ourselves.
Tom and Cougar


Pictorial Directions to "the place"

I thought it might be easier to direct the incoming parties to the party with pictures.  So this morning, when we went to fill our water "bladder", I took some pictures to help you to find us.  I have a full size Canadian flag on our rig so watch for that.  If you want the co-ordinates, I have them from my Tom Tom, which I am sure is not as accurate as Jeri's Garmin but I have

                                            N 33.61377 - W 114.20483

If the pictures or the co-ordinates don't help or if it's dark, call Jeri, she'll come and fetch ya.

This sign is on the right side of the road, get ready to turn left
This sign is on the left side of the road, DO ENTER HERE        

This is the post you will come to right after the Do Not Enter Sign
Now look closely, right in the center of the picture.  There is our Canadian flag!

There are three forks here.  Take the middle one

Then go left.  That's Lee's house front and center, Jeri and Terry in the middle, then us, and then Mike and Debbie
Hope this helps.  We are really looking forward to seeing you all (y'all) so hurry up.


Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I read the pizza was delicious. I want some!!!

mskayndan said...

Planning on Sunday. Hoping that will be enough time to get DH up and going so he won't be miserable. Just a few more days!Hope you guys are really having fun and relaxing in the sun!

Wanderin' said...

It was great pizza!! The directions you posted just about says it all!


I'm hungry !!

Sue B said...

careful what you wish for..there may be a large influx of rv'ers on their way now!!!!..I am sure the pizza was yummy!!!

Peter + Beatrix said...

Great idea to give friends directions. I wouldn't have thought of the coordinates either!