Tuesday, November 15, 2011

THIS AND THAT - Mostly Pictures

Many times in our full-timing life, working folks who don't "get it" ask "What do you do all day?".  We know don't we!  We do all the same things stationary people do and a whole lot more.  Some of the things that regular folks take in stride are a bit more difficult for full-timers.  Grocery shopping for instance.  We don't know where everything is so it takes longer.  I enjoy that.  We have daily maintenance on our homes, especially now when it is cold outside.  Wiping the windows, inside and out, everyday.  Setting the heaters and the furnace to keep us warm enough but not cost us a bundle. Preparing the water line so it doesn't freeze. 

But we do have leisure time too.  What to Doug and I do?  Well we visit family -

Nico and Jakob - dinner November 14
We play games:

Dr. Mario on the rare occasion that I won.
We play Scrabble

                                                                We walk the dog:

Well this time he is walking himself.

And we drive.  A lot lately and mostly in the city, in the city that is beautiful but is getting colder and colder as we head into winter.
Where is the driver?
Beautiful snowy mountains.  And that is where snow belongs - on the mountains!

Yesterday, Nico made dinner.  She is amazing.  She is 14 and cooks, well, almost as well as I do!
This is her very first lemon meringue pie.  I instructed from the table.   Wow!

Nico's pie


Jim and Sandie said...

High praise for Nico with Toni saying she cooks almost as well. All of our group know how good Toni is. We definitely keep more than busy even if it's doing ordinary, every day things.

FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Tell Nico that pie looks delicious. I am sure it is as good as it looks! Some days we do so much that I can't believe we are retired.

Wanderin' said...

Way to go, Nico! Why do people think fulltimers pass their day much different than they do? However, they do.

~~Sue and Doug~~ said...

way to go Nico!!..nice pie!