Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WE'RE ON THE MOVE - Yeah, yeah - 200 feet but it's a start

Yesterday, we moved. Honestly it was like Christmas for us. Sitting still is hard so moving just across the compound was thrilling. There are different views out the windows.

There are just three of us left here now. Doug and I are going to be trained on the outside positions in the park. Collecting fees, cleaning sites and yes, even cleaning toilets. But we only have to do it when the park manager is off which is rarely. So we are doing it on a volunteer basis and our site is free.

We have to look after Doug's brother place until mid-September, then go to the Vancouver area for a few weeks and hopefully move a lot further come mid-October.

This year we will probably just be snow birds, not full-timers. That means we will probably head to Casa Grande, Arizona - by way of Oregon and California and then make side trips from Case Grande.


Sue and Doug said...

congrats on the 'big move'!!..we know its not far but a move is a move!!

Wanderin' said...

What's wrong with being snowbirds. Sometimes I think that's the best thing to be. You get the best of both worlds.

Linda Sand said...

We've been discussing possible snowbirding as well. It has been pleasant here this summer and we liked Arizona last winter. The tentative plan is to take US hwy 12 west from here then go south on either 95 or 101 depending on weather.

where's weaver said...

Good for you two! Enjoy your new surroundings.