Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Today is the second anniversary of our life on the road.  Two years ago we hit the road to Iowa to pick up our rig and begin our adventuring life.



Our first night in the lot at Cheyenne RV Sales in Walcott, Iowa.  Let the fun begin.


We have traveled across Canada, down the east coast, spent a couple of wonderful weeks in Savannah, Georgia, traveled across the bottom of the United States and spent the winter in Arizona.


Savannah Bayou                            Sunset in New Orleans


The very best part of the year, and we are certain it will be every year, is the times we spend with our friends, fellow full-timers.  We met up with Sandie and Jim in New York, we met up with Janice and Jerry in Texas, we met up with Sandie and Jim as well as Jeri and Terry for lunch in Tucson and then spent a few days with Jenna and Bruce in Tucson.  And then we met up with EVERYONE in the desert outside Yuma.




We have established a “home base” in Casa Grande, Arizona at the Escapee park, Rovers’ Roost.  The people there are like family. We will continue to rest our weary legs there.  We will see them all again soon.


Terry, Jeri, Yvon, Me and Doug         Sunset over Rovers’ Roost

What fun we have had in two years.  Yeah, there have been problems too but because we are happy, we can deal with them.

Another six weeks and we will be back at it.


Sue and Doug said...

congrats on your second anniversary!!!..may you have many more!!!

Wanderin' said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you and we certainly wish you many more good years on the road!!

where's weaver said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am sure those first 2 years have flown by. Hope to catch up with you two somewhere down the road! Enjoy the weekend.

Jim and Sandie said...

Isn't this life so much fun? Can hardly wait to see you guys again. When we sang Canada's national anthem last night, I thought about you two.