Sunday, July 3, 2011


As the Canada Day weekend approached the park was booked solid.  All of our “first come first served” sites were gone by 10:00 am on Thursday.  Due to a mud slide closing the freeway from Vancouver, most of our reserved campers did not appear until late in the day.  Two of our employees were also stuck in Vancouver.  We all filled in and the day went well.

We spent Canada Day in the park in Merritt volunteering for sister-in-law Elizabeth’s radio station.  Every year they put on “Games in the Park.”  The weather was not looking too promising.

Doug wrapped in the tent.  Toni? she's in the warm truck.

After a pancake breakfast at the community centre we headed over to the park to help set up.  The wind was blowing and we had no jackets.  As you can see at one point Doug was wearing the tent to keep warm.  The sun did come out and eventually both of us had our first sunburns of 2011.  Imagine that July 1st and our first sunburn.

We set up games for the kids.  What fun!  We had sack races, root beer chug-a-lugging, wagon races and everyone’s favourite, a doughnut eating contest.  The enthusiasm of the children was infectious. 

A little charmer
Tonka Truck push

Just a few of the many pictures and videos we took that day.


Jim and Sandie said...

I love Doug's new look with the tent. He'll need to model that at the next get together. Looks like you were more than busy and had a lot of fun.

Sue and Doug said...

despite the weather and the wardrobe it looks like a sucessful weekend!..too bad about that mudslide!!

Wanderin' said...

Doug may have made a new fashion statement! I'm not sure it's worth much but at least he can put his name on it!

You certainly had a lot of folks out there to entertain. I certainly don't envy you with all those people to be responsible for. When you finally leave Canada for the southern temperatures, you won't know what to do with yourselves since it'll only be two of you instead of two hundred!

FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

That was so nice of you to lend a hand. Looks like the kids have a great time.

mskayndan said...

Looks like you are having some real fun this summer...even having to work! I can only dream of having to wear a coat. Has been in the 100s for weeks!

Linda Sand said...

My! That took me way back to when our daughter was little and entered a snowshoe contest at the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. She was first to the finish line but stopped to ask if it was OK to step on it. :) Watching kids play is almost as much fun as doing it ourselves.