Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This is Buzz.  Buzz is a wonder cat.  She (yes she) is fourteen years old and here is her story.

Buzz was originally our daughter Niki's cat.  When Niki and family moved out of our basement suite, we were to keep Buzz until they found a place that took cats.  This was 14 years ago, didn't happen.  Buzz lived with us until we went on the road.  She then became son Graeme's cat.  Last year, Buzz got out and was lost.  Lost until five months later, she turned up at Graeme's landlady's house, three doors down.

She was skinny but okay.  She lived with them for a while but they have a daughter allergic to cats and the landlady wanted Graeme to find a new home for Buzz.  Graeme had, in the meantime, gotten two new cats and Buzz is a one cat kinda cat.

The other day, Doug brought Buzz to us with the idea to take her to our friends barn so she could live with the other two barn cats there. 

Took five minutes and I was charmed.  Buzz is going to be a travelin' cat.  She is the most affectionate cat you have ever met.  Doug has renovated the dog house in the basement and now we have a "cat house" as well.

Welcome our latest addition.  Dozer and Bella, we have a new friend for you.


Wanderin' said...

I can understand that. It doesn't take long to get attached. Now are you going to leash train her so you can take her for walks? And, have you talked to Parker and got his approval?

Jim and Sandie said...

She is so pretty and I agree, she needs to be a travelin' type of cat. How does Parker feel about sharing his quarters?

Sue and Doug said...

welcome to blogville Buzz!!!..can't wait to read all about your antics!!

Linda Sand said...

Never, never, never bring home a cat you don't plan to keep. :)