Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So many questions in the comments to the Announcement post, it requires another post.

Kay - it's Canucks, not Cannucks.  We Canucks are pretty fussy about what ya call us. :)

Carol - "palamine" because that's what Doug is "a pal of mine" and at the time we had a palomino.  We also called our restaurant "Pals".

Jeri - we will be here until after Labour Day weekend at least.  Then we will go back to Langley (Vancouver) for a month or so before we head south.  Yeah!  (for a while, this might have been wishful thinking!)

Umm - forgot who asked but ...... I will be doing Gatehouse only.  That's taking money for camp sites, operating the little store they have, taking reservations.  Being friendly (now that might be a problem :)!

Meredith - would love to see you.


Jim and Sandie said...

Yep - definitely a problem for you to be the friendly type. Tee Hee!!

Wanderin' said...

Cute! You'll have fun and before you know it you'll be heading south.

Sue and Doug said...

go Canucks!!!

mskayndan said...

Oh so sorry! It's better than if I shorted ya an N! It's something to be said that I'm kinda "following" along! My sports attention span is very limited!haha

mskayndan said... being friendly? Never a problem! I hope you really enjoy this job for the summer and I will be waiting for updates!