Friday, March 11, 2011

HOCKEY JUNIOR STYLE - Langley Chiefs vs Surrey Eagles - Playoffs

After our harrowing trip back from Salmon Arm (see previous post) we needed to have some fun.  We picked up Graeme and went to a Junior Hockey playoff game.  Junior hockey is "boys" 17 to 20 years old.  The game is much faster than the National Hockey League and much rougher.  Three tickets cost about half of what one ticket for Vancouver Canucks game would cost.  We had front row seats which tends to be quite exciting because the players are driven into the boards right in front of you.

Action in front of the goal
See the puck under his pad.  Way to go!
Lots of action in front of the goal.  Sticks a little high there boys!
The Mascot works the crowd between periods

We didn't really have a favourite.  We last lived in Langley but before that we lived in Surrey and I worked in Surrey.  The Surrey team won the game 4 - 3.

We had fun and so did Graeme.  So good to see him happy.


Wanderin' said...

Yes, so good that he's happy now that the rest of us are freezing with your snow pictures!

Linda said...

Front row in a hockey game--I hope you had a good shield in front of you. :)