Friday, December 10, 2010

CHRISTMAS - Arizona Style

We were here in Arizona last year at this time.  Christmas in Arizona is not like we are used to at all but it is still Christmastime.  Most of the people in this park are from the north and so we bring with us our Christmas traditions.  The residents of this park decorate their rigs and so do the guests.

 This one has animation and music.  Obviously a lot of work involved.

This is the park managers' site. 

Being full-timers in motion, we don't have elaborate decorations but we do like to be included in whatever is going on.   Here is our site, dressed up for the season.

Best of all.  Our little tree.  It's so cute and makes the rig feel all homey.  "Come and sit awhile" it says.


Wanderin' said...

It is amazing some of the decorating done to RV's to give them that homey feeling at Christmas time. Our problem would be carrying it with us all year round!!

Jim and Sandie said...

Your tree is beautiful.

Linda said...

I want some! We don't have much with us and we can't even put out what we have until we park somewhere. We're still hoping to move west so are holding off decorating.

Traveling Along said...

We have a tree that we carry with us all year just so I have it at Christmas. I also have a small plastic box full of ornaments that I saved from our years in the condo. We have lights around the windshield and garland around the windows. When we move to Texas the tree will go into the shower until we get there. I love Christmas decorations.

where's weaver said...

We too can't decorate much but you look like you have done a lot with so little. Love the does say welcome. Christmas is about being together not the decorations any way! Enjoy each other.