Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NIGHT AND DAY - Skidaway State Park, Savannah, Georgia

After three days of problems and the stress related to it, we are so happy to be here at beautiful Skidaway State Park, in Savannah, Georgia.  Night and day, that's how it is.

The sites here are perfect.  They are all pull-throughs but not in rows like most.  You pull off the road with your back to the road.  The sites are huge.  There are only 87 sites in the park.  Trees, palmettos, Spanish moss and loads of wildlife.  (Doug told me today that there are warnings about alligators).

The weather too, is perfect.  Today it was 80 F.  Even the night is mild not chilly like we have become used to.  So approximately 4 days drive from Montreal and the weather is like night and day.

In the evening the crickets and frogs sound like a hundred Salvation Army Santas shaking their bells.  There are no street lights so it is pitch dark, a great help for the two of us insomniacs.  Even the park rules say no television after 10 pm.  Oops, we are breaking that one right now.

We had a very relaxing day.  We found the Walmart, stocked up and then watched movies all day.  Doug says he wants to make dinner tomorrow.  Whoppie.


Jim and Sandie said...

So glad to see you actually had a relaxing day. You needed it. But I'm really jealous of your weather.

Wanderin' said...

Now that you've safely landed for a while are you actually going to be able to stay put for a whole week?

Linda said...

Doug cooks too?!!!

I'm so glad you found a peaceful retreat after all your hassles. Take lots of deep breaths now.

palamine said...

We love it here. We are staying for an additional 3 days.