Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ottawa - The Capital of Canada

We wanted to save a few bucks by boondocking in Ottawa.  We camped at Ottawa Municipal Campground.  Of course, the dry camping area was closed for renovations.  What could you renovate?

The campground was adequate and rustic. 

We had planned on taking the bus into the city but it was pouring rain so we decided to drive.  Doug figured that he could easily find the Parliament Buildings.  After all, it's called Parliament Hill, it must be on a hill.  So off we went without maps.  After we discovered that Ottawa was way bigger than we expected, I wanted to use the GPS to find where we were going.  Alas, neither of us could remember the name of the street the Parliament Buildings were on.

After about 45 minutes of driving around, Doug got out to buy a map.  At that point, I remembered the name of the street.  The GPS took us there.  We had a surprise.  Even though any pictures we had ever seen in Social Studies, showed the government buildings were off on their own, on a hill.  Nope.

The Parliament Buildings in all their glory, are right in the center of town, among the tall, tall office buildings.

See Doug at the top of the stairs>>>>>>>>>

Looking at these pictures, I can see why we thought it was on a hill.

So we went, we saw, and we left.  Impressed, I guess.  At least we can say, been there, done that.


Wanderin' said...

I see Doug. He's in a brown shirt!!

palamine said...

You are 1st! You win a prize. The dessert of your choice. >>>>>>haha I thought the security word was "unhorny" but it's just "unhony"