Friday, May 21, 2010

Prince Rupert 100 years Homecoming - Day 1

Omigod.  What an emotional day!  It began with the drive from Terrace to Prince Rupert (2 hour drive).  I remembered so much.  The closer we got the more the memories came flooding back.  The fishing spots my father dragged us to on weekends, the lake that froze about every five years that we could actually skate on, the bridge from the mainland.  I even managed to get a little lost in the town it's changed so much.

The RV park wasn't where I thought it was.  We had read a not-so-hot review of the place but it's fine.  The office building is a bit dilapidated but the sites are quite big, most are pull throughs and there seems to be no rules at all.

(Okay just discovered that the signal is not good enough to upload pictures.  I will have to do them another time.)

After we got set up we went to the "hospitality room" to check in.  There are 2000 people coming but there were not too many that I knew at that point.  This being only the Friday of a long weekend, we are presuming more will arrive tomorrow.

We drove around and I showed Doug the two house I lived in.  The earlier one is no longer there but the one we built in 1962 was still there.  I found my elementary schools and my high schools.  My junior high is now just the school board offices.

We came back and rested and then went back to see if we could find any at the hospitality room to go out for dinner with.  We seemed to have missed them all and so we went out for fish and chips (only fair) by ourselves.

At 7:00 we went to a wine and cheese party at the museum.  The capacity was supposed to be 600 people but I bet they were way over.  It was so hot in there with that many people, we had to keep going outside to cool off.  I did reconnect with about a dozen old friends.  We all have name tags and it is easy of course to recognize the guys but unless the girls have their maiden names on their name tags, you have to ask "Who were you?"  One girl who seemed to be my age or younger says she was my babysitter!!

There are several events tomorrow, so off to bed with us.

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Wanderin' said...

Sounds like so much fun! I'm sure you'll have a blast. Enjoy yourselves.