Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Busy Busy Month - In Review

As you know, we have had a very busy month.  We arrived April 1st and are leaving tomorrow morning, May 1st, but the month seems like it was two months long.  We had doctor obligations, social things with friends and loads of family functions.

So this is how it went.

April 1st - we arrived and Graeme came to visit (after he figured out we were not where we were last year) and there were already two groups of our friends here in this campsite we had visits from

April 2nd - Everyone - Niki, Mike and kids Nico and Jakob, Jason, Michelle and their kids Ashleigh and Sophia as well as Graeme came for Easter treats.

April 3rd - visit Mom at nursing home

April 4th - Doug, Graeme and I went to Niki's house for vegetarian
Easter dinner.

April 5th - I made turkey dinner for Doug, Graeme and I.

April 6th - friends Margaret and Ted came for a visit and then Graeme came for dinner

April 7th - doctor's appointments for Doug and I to arrange for annual physical (the doctor's office is about an hour from here)

April 8th - visit Mom at nursing home

April 9th - friends Frank and Joan came for a visit

April 10th - the huge birthday celebration for Jason and Sophie.  Jason was 40 and his daughter, Sophie, was 3.

April 12th - blood tests for Doug and I for our physicals

April 14th - dinner here with friends Sreedevi and Anil to celebrate her birthday April 9th and mine April 17th.

April 15th - visit Mom at nursing home

April 16th - lunch with Escapee friend Sheila and Ray

April 17th - dinner at Galini's for my birthday with friends John and Nancy and Val and Rob.

April 21st - doctor's for our physicals.  Both Doug and I are in great shape.  A+

April 23rd - visit Mom at nursing home

April 23rd - dinner at Nancy and John's

April 24th - dinner at Sreedevi and Anils also with Johanna and Jose, and Sandi and Randy.

April 26th - lunch with Denise and Bert and Debbie

April 27th - lunch for Sandy and children Jaxon and Emily

April 28th - lunch with Mom and Dad, dinner with Niki, Mike and kids

April 29th - dinner at Jason's

April 30th - UNBELIEVABLE  we actually did nothing and  got to sit outside after dinner and enjoy the first fire since we got here

Things I forgot to mention.  Graeme was at our house for dinner all the nights we were not at our friends' houses for dinner.  During all of this Doug did a bunch of maintenance on the truck.  He also replaced the CV joint, fan belt, air and oil filters and tried to fix the turn signals on Graeme's car.

So, why are we glad to be out of here?  We need a REST!

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Wanderin' said...

I would certainly think you need a rest!!!