Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Day of Highs and Lows - And it's still raining!

We started the day with a high.  Doug finished the income tax and we are getting a sizable refund.  Will be in our account within the week.  Now that we have done that, we can apply for premium assistance on our medical and that will be a big savings.  Next year at this time, we will both be receiving our Canada Pension and that......well you know.

We did a few thrift stores and found nothing.  We are having some second thoughts about continuing our eBay business.  We may have to just sell what we have and leave it at that.

We decided to drive by our former home.  The new owners are friends on Facebook and have posted they are sick of renovations.  After renovating that house for over 8 years, we were curious as to what else they could do.  We didn't see any external changes.  They may be in the back or inside.

We decided to continue on to our favourite meat store and on the way, mostly because we were distracted, Doug got a speeding ticket in a school zone.  There were five cop cars laying in wait for their victims and that was the distraction.  He was very angry with himself, because we know that road and that school zone and the fact that there are always cops there. It got worse.  We expected the ticket would be $65.00 like most are.  NOPE - $255.00!!!!  Yikes.

We continued on to the doctor's and had a great visit with him.  He and his new lady are going to come for a drink one night while we are here.  He really wants to come for a drink in Arizona but that's going to have to wait.  He plans on retiring to Costa Rico and wants us to rv to him then.

I didn't take any pictures today.  Just too rainy and miserable but Doug took these yesterday when it wasn't yet raining.

These were taken on the path that circles the campground.  I have not walked on it yet as Doug likes to walk the dog first thing in the morning and I would rather no got at that time.  Pretty aren't they.

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Jim and Sandie said...

$255 - that hurts. But it's nice to know that they take their school zones seriously.