Sunday, April 25, 2010

Catching Up. Whew What Has Gone On!

With just five days left here on the Lower Mainland, we have something going on all the time.  We have been so busy and so fed, it's hard to remember what happened when.

Of course, many of our invitations are based on when our beloved Vancouver Canucks are playing in the playoffs.  We have had to change plans a couple of times.  Tonight is Game 6 and the Canucks could put Los Angeles out.  Let's hope so.  Go Canucks Go!  I wish I knew how to copy a logo here, but I don't.  Okay, Graeme is here, he will show me.

So Friday night we went to our friends Nancy and John's house for dinner.  Nancy is a fabulous cook and a very relaxed hostess.  They are hockey fans so we had dinner between periods.  Parker was invited but poor Parker had quite a stressful evening.  Nancy's dog, Shona, is nearly 20 years old, only has one eye, which causes her to only walk in circles, and is deaf.  She is also smaller than your average cat.  Parker could not understand what Shona was and why she would not play.  He was so jittery all night that we ended up putting him in the truck.

Saturday night we went to Sreedevi and Anil's for Indian food.  There were eight of us, Sreedevi and Anil, Johanna and Jose, Sandi and Randy and Doug and I.  Sreedevi, Johanna, Sandi and I worked together at the bank.  Sandi and I worked together for nearly fifteen years.  Sandi is close to retirement and we are working on convincing her to become full-timers.  Randy is convinced, Sandi, not quite.

Sreedevi kept the food fairly mild by their standards.  This is some of the food she cooked for us.

 And this is a picture of the four of us.

And these are a couple of other pictures
from last night.  The swing in the picture
was Anil's grandfathers and was one
of the few things they brought from India

three years ago.

We had planned to have our friends Dawn and Arnie for dinner tonight but as the Canucks are playing at 6:00 and Dawn and Arnie are Jehovah's Witnesses (they don't have anything to do with organized sports), we have postponed dinner until Friday.  Friday may be a problem too.  If the Canucks win tonight, they go on to the next level and the schedule is not posted yet.

So with five days to go we still have two lunches and two dinners to go.



Wanderin' said...

That's easy. Pick one day and have all the meals in one day. Everyone will think you're a light eater. You don't have to tell them you're stuffed! At least you'll get it behind you and be able to relax.

palamine said...

There all with different people. Tee hee.

JJones said...
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JJones said...
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