Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a Great Day

The morning started out with a walk in the park, everything is so green and pretty after months in the desert. Some people think the desert is beautiful. Not me. This is beautiful.

After a couple of chores and a Skype call to Charlette in Winnipeg, we drove down to Fresno.
We had looked on the internet for a Walmart Superstore so we could get groceries. When we found it, it was not. It was just a regular Walmart. Across the street was the grocery chain that Geri had recommended, Winco. Wow, the prices were unbelievable. (Looked it up on the internet and found there are others, in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. We will look for them.)

Anyhow we got a "bed in a bag" at Walmart and completely transformed the bedroom.

We got Parker a bed too. He thinks he has died and gone to doggy heaven.

We bought lunch at Panda Express (also recommended by Geri). It was fabulous and plenty for dinner too.

We watched the Oscars and The Hurt Locker, our choice, did best.

Good day all around.

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Wanderin' said...

Yep -- we certainly do love the Winco chain. Wish we could find one now. There is one in Palm Desert and on our way back to Washington we'll certainly stop there. Miss you! ---JJJeri