Monday, March 29, 2010

Chimacum - A Grocery Run to Port Townsend

Woke up this morning to pouring rain.  It's so loud in the 5th wheel with rain on the roof.

I promised some pictures of this park.  I had to wait for the rain to stop and run out and snap a few.  It's a pretty park, perhaps the prettiest.

The scent from the flowers is amazing.  When I complimented the woman in the office about the gardening she told me the group is very serious about what they do.

There are almost no activities in this park so we aren't going to get to know anyone.  That's unfortunate but we will be back again I am sure.  This route is a great way to avoid the traffic in Seattle.  It seems that there is a constant rush hour in Seattle.

This is our site here.  As I mentioned before, the office is closed on the weekends so we parked ourselves.  We could have moved today but we are fine with this spot.

Funny thing happened today.  We have been shopping the thrift stores for the entire six months since we have been away and found next to nothing.  We were beginning to think that American children didn't read or maybe the country was so depressed that they were holding on to the books they had.  Anyhow, we have not been able to do our eBay business for lack of books.  Today, in Chimacum, of all places we found an incredible thrift store.  We managed to find a whole bag of suitable books.  We will be listing them this weekend and hope to make enough while in the Lower Mainland to pay for our site the the very expensive campground in Fort Langley.  $680.00 for the month.  Ouch!!!

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