Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Day of Rest

We had rain here today. Still it is very pretty in the rain and the flowers and plants love it.

There two bright spots in the day. The first was the fact that we got Wi Fi in the rig and I think that the fee is waived. Another quirk of being friends of the president of the park? So handy, we don't even have to turn the computer off.

This evening (really afternoon as SKP's eat out early) we went out to dinner with the SKP's from the park. We went to Ol Kettle in Oakhurst. Doug and I's meals were okay. Others meals were awful. Then the resturant ran out of fries, vegetables and most of their desserts. Lots of people were really p>>>>d. Imagine it was 5:00 and they were out of food. What about the rest of the people. Oops!

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