Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wending our Way North - Slowly

This morning we left the last of our group in the desert alone. Jeri and Terry wanted to take us out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel but we had both had a restless night and wanted to get on the road before we got too tired.

We pulled out at about 9:00 Arizona time but had to change the clock and gain an hour almost immediately. I admit I had a few tears. I will miss our desert friends a lot but I know that we will all be together again some day. Maybe not all together at the same time but we will see each other again.

After a short spot in a huge Walmart in Brawley we ended up at Salton City and found Salton City RV park. Well, I tell you, those folks at Pilot Knob could learn a lot from this park. It's beautiful, spacious and ever so friendly. The laundry room is vast. The hot tub is the biggest I have ever seen and there is a pool. The manager told us to find whatever spot we wanted and he would come and find us later.

There is a very interesting commemorative wall here with a plaque to a man they called The Music Man who lived in this park and died in 1997. He was from MERRITT, B. C.

This afternoon it occurred to me that I could make our couch/sofa/chesterfield (take your choice) more comfortable by taking some of the stuffing out of the cushion backs. I took about half of the stuffing out and voila - more room - more comfortable - more usable. I used some of the stuffing to make a new pillow for Doug and the rest I am going to donate to the craft room here in the park.

TV dinners tonight. Way to tired to cook.

Again we could not get the hockey game. 116 channels here and NO HOCKEY. But Canada did win and we ARE going to the finals. There are lots of Canadians in this park and we could hear them cheering when we won.

Good night, my friends. I'm thinking about y'all.

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