Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catch Up Time - February 10, 2010

I have been so bad. Many friends have asked me to update my blog and it was just such a daunting task, that I haven't. Until now.

I am going to do this as a summary of the past six months and will do my level best to keep up to date from now on. It is just not my style to get behind but we have been so busy. We have no idea how we worked if we are this busy retired.

We left Langley on August 24th and motelled it across the top of the United States to Walcott, Iowa in three days. We arrived at Cheyenne Camping Centre within two hours of our projected ETA.

We unloaded the pick up, had the hitch installed and moved into our home within an hour. The dealership was closing so they filled the rig with water, plugged us in, gave us the key to the lot and allowed us to stay overnight. There was a huge rain storm so we knew there were no leaks.

After one night in a Walmart parking lot in Albert, Lea, Minnesota and one night at a KOA in St. Cloud we arrived in Winnipeg for a visit with our daughter Charlette, her husband Glenn and sons, William and James. We stayed at Bird's Hill Park with gazillions of mosquitoes.

While we were there Doug remodeled the basement of the fifth wheel and made a dog house for the dog. He will sleep there at night.

Charlette was moving that week so we helped out as we could and adjusted to life on the road.

Daughter, Gayle, came from Montreal for a few days. She was a great help with the boys.

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