Saturday, May 16, 2009

Broken Arm

On Monday April 27th, I tripped over a concrete parking lot divider and fractured my radial head (elbow). At first I thought that it was nothing but by late in the afternoon, it had swollen quite a bit and I thought a trip to Emergency was required. Yes, the doctor said, it is broken. X-rays were sent to Dr. Cox and I followed up with a visit. I got a sling but found it most uncomfortable. RBC was very understanding and got the ball rolling for Short Term Disability. After two weeks, I was regaining use. I had more x-rays at two weeks and another visit to the doctor. At this point, the doctor informed me that the fracture was 2 mm. not 1 mm. He told me I could use the arm now. I talked to my case worker at Manu-Life and he informed me that the decision as to when I can go back to work will be his, not mine, my works or my doctors.

By May 15th, I feel I am ready to go back but I have to have more x-rays on the 25th and another visit to the doctor's on May 27th. At that point, Manu-Life will review my case and tell me whether I can go back to work.

All of this has set the finishing of the house somewhat. I cannot help Doug with the painting and finishing.

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