Saturday, May 16, 2009

April 13, 2009

Bittersweet Day - today our youngest son, Graeme (age 23) moved out. Although we have known this day needed to come, I'm not sure any of us were too happy about it. Graeme found, on his own, a two bedroom basement suite not too far from here. We gave him all the furniture from the front room. He had been living in there so that we could renovate his former bedroom to become our new office. Doug and I as well as big brother Jason, moved him in in just a couple of hours. I had quite a few tears leaving him there alone. He has his two cats, Buzz and Jack.

Within a week we came to realize that he was really enjoying himself. He needs to find a roommate to be able to afford this place but that will come. Right now he is just enjoying his independence.

Three weeks after moving, Graeme, quit his job. We did not lecture him at all about this drastic move. He has to figure it out himself. When push came to shove a couple of days before his last day, he did call us up all in a tizzy. He came over and we all discussed it and he seems to be okay.

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